Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Russian interference in our elections--a perspective

The competition between Russia and the U.S. is longstanding. Remember that Hillary interfered in the last election of Putin. We intervened to support Yeltsin. The Russian attempts in the 2016 elections are not new except perhaps in the availability of new technology.

Distrust in government in these here Yunited States ain't new either. Remember the Founding Fathers tried hard to create a benign government but failed miserably as every election since has proven. (They also tried to create a meritocracy of the rich, but that's a story for another time.) Nonetheless, the "system" they created was doomed to fail as soon as communications improved enough to support a myriad of opinion makers and holders, diffuse the levers of power.

I believe the existential threat to our republic does not come from Putin, Un or Xi. No, it comes from the American people. These are the people who elected an immoral, corrupt Clinton twice; an insouciant Bush, twice; a race-baiting anti-politics Obama, twice; and now a decisive, incompetent Trump. Does anyone notice the downward trend here?

The voters are indeed manipulated, but they are manipulated not by Putin but by the Democrat and Republican parties and the U. S. media. Why all of a sudden is it traitorous to speak to a Russian? When did it become heinous to negotiate with Russian government officials? Why are we all of a sudden supposed to believe that the Russian intelligence services have only recently become interested in affecting affairs here? The only thing new is that we now have politicians and media using Russia as a self-serving club.

We are ill-served by public education, which ignores citizenship and history, and private educational institutions that exist in the thrall of liberalism and/or religion. An alarming majority of those who matriculate from our institutions cannot think or act rationally of their volition. To the extent they consider our governments at all, local to national, they do so in binary fashion: either they merely look for a handout, or ignore or attempt to ignore government and its rules and regulations. They have finally come to believe, rightly in my opinion, that governments do not exist to help the little guy but instead to foster the preeminence of the ruling class. Russian had nothing to do with any of that, although the oligarchy is very good at it there (our politicians could learn something from Russians).

As I have oft remarked, we are in the throws of The Great Sort. People are more concerned about culture than government. The folks who get elected, mostly chosen and funded by the elite, do not wish to be misidentified as "leading," but in fact believed to be "following" the dictates of those who elect them. I call that The Great Scam.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Excretory Locations

Okay, so maybe Trump didn’t say “shithole” or some form of it (he denies it), but the places do indeed exist in the real world.
If not, then why do so many inhabitants of some countries come to the US? Answer: They know they live in shitholes. They are escaping, looking for a new beginning. It is a mentally and physically torturing to leave one’s relatives, friends, the surroundings they knew but were increasingly discomfited by. But still they do it. Desperation.
That is not the same thing as saying the citizens of those shitholes are bad. Often, they are misruled by authoritarians, mislead by religious leaders, mishandled by oligarchs, misgoverned by politicians, or subject to violence by gangsters. Or combinations of the above. They often are good people in bad situations.
There are shitholes in cities, regions, states or whole countries. How do we know? Look at many places, for instance, where there probably are more citizens living outside the country than in it. Syria, Yemen, Chechnya, Guatemala, Cancun, Haiti come to mind. These people know firsthand what a shithole is.
For centuries there were no limits to immigration into North America. Why do we have restrictions now? Some reasons are that we need to be able to absorb them both for our and their own benefit. They need places to stay, a way to sustain themselves permanently. Otherwise, they become wards of people, organizations or government. Alienated, dangerous. We need to protect U.S. citizens from losing their jobs to new people simultaneously entering our country and workforce. We should, and this is one of the controversial aspects, make sure that immigrants are disease free, accepting of their responsibilities as inhabitants of our country, and have something to offer in our continued progress.
Refugees are another and more immediate concern now. Shouldn’t we realize by now that refugees are forever; few are ever going to return to their countries of origin. We must accept this fact and factor it into our decisions to take refugees.
“Racism” is a term bandied about regularly these days by people supporting few if any limits on immigration/refuge.
Islam isn’t a race. Haitian Catholics aren’t members of a Haitian race. Norwegian protestants aren’t a race. The subject is not race. It is culture.
To the extent there is anything real about an American Culture, it is a belief in the rule of law, great freedoms, English, and personal safety. We come together with common languages and laws. Our differences can be celebrated but should not define us.
We need people from everywhere and we need many of them to be productive but ALL of them to believe in law, freedom of choice and public safety. We might be able to tolerate a Brighten Beach Russia, a Middle Eastern Dearborn, or a facsimile of Somaliland in Minneapolis-St Paul, but not if that becomes the new cultural state of America. Multiculturalism is the path to chaos, disunity.
We already face The Great Sort wherein people are sorting themselves into city, regional and state separate cultures.
We need immigrants, but we really need people who assimilate and contribute. That’s what we should be talking about, not how many come from wherever, what color they are, their first language, or their religion.
If we don’t correct the conversation; distinguish between immigrants and refugees; develop fair, empathetic and lasting rules for both; then we are DOOMED as a discrete nation of states and possessions.