Friday, February 17, 2017

Should we give up on President Trump?

I think it is still too early to conclude that Trump is unfit (despite the self-serving cries of the ultra-left and their media mouthpieces). None of this should be a surprise, and apparently isn't to the 40-45 percent of those polls who think he's doing fine (carrying out his campaign promises, which in itself is unique). Trump campaigned as the unpresident and has kept his promise.

We seldom have presidents come into office prepared to be president: Carter, Clinton, Bush II and Obama come to mind. The key is whether they grow into the chair or fall off it. The reaction to Trump is unprecedented; e.g., leaks (at least some of which are coming from Obama holdovers bent on revenge), disruption by Dems in Congress and insouciance by Republicans there, 24/7 propaganda against him from much of the media, etc.

If not unhinged, then much of the media is confused. They continue to report what they want to think, which is one reason why they walk around with Trump's Twitter hooks in their mouths. It's very hard to determine with any degree of certainty which Trump Trumpets are on purpose and which are not. He may be a mental basket case and he might just be much brighter than his rough exterior projects. I don't pretend to know the answer, but, since I hold the media in approximately the same disregard and disgust as Trump, I tend to give Trump the benefit of the doubt where many would not. Two evils neither of which is worse than the other, so I just go with my gut (after which I need plenty of Alka Seltzer (oh, my god, don't FIZZ!!!).)
If I had to predict, I'd guess that he will fall out of the chair. But, he deserves more time to get his administration and himself under control. In the meantime, I'm sure the Democrats are preparing the impeachment papers and are just waiting for the right causation.
One thing for sure: History is being made and we are witness to it.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What’s up with The Donald?

My take on The Donald is that his actions so far can easily be explained by a desire to get off to a very fast start at carrying out election promises, plus incompetency. The combo of exuberance, hubris and incompetence is a potent one. Ideology on the part of his staff adds spice to the mix. He will have to rein in the likes of Bannon and Miller, and perhaps Conway. If he doesn't, if the mode of operation doesn't moderate, then he won't solve any of our vexing (maybe existential) issues. Then we will be moving on to the next egotist believing he or she was born to be POTUS.

As for making money, I suspect his candidacy announcement was exactly that. He is probably as surprised as we are that he won. That he and his staff were unprepared to take power is evidence of that. But, I really don't care if he becomes richer while president. (If he didn't then, he would anyway after leaving office ala Bill Clinton.) I don't care because all I care about is what he does or does not do for the country whilst in office. If he solves some of our existential issues, then he'll be worth every penny. If not, then we will be, it can’t be said enough, moving on to the next egotist believing he or she was born to be POTUS.

In the meantime, we should save our energy to react to real mistakes of policy, and not exhausting ourselves reacting strenuously to every tweet, falsehood or bungled but legal action.