Saturday, December 6, 2014

Taxes in PA

Since the election I’ve been asked if governance in PA will improve next year. My answer is a solid, resounding . . . maybe.
Wolf may be a moderate, but his left is already importuning him to raise taxes. (As Republicans always intone: We do not have an income problem, but an outgo problem.)
Much is heard about the demagoguery of the right, probably because much of the noise comes in the form of demagoguery from the left. As bad as the right may be, the left is just as bad. This is because the magic answers always come from the center where all thoughts and concerns and perceptions have been synthesized into an reaction that answers the basic need without creating new needs.
More taxes aren’t the answer. Better taxes are. We need tax reform in the state badly, much more badly than we need spending reform. Create a rational, fair taxation regime and they will come. People and businesses will come to our state, raise incomes and spending, and more tax monies along with them.
Raise taxes simply to spend more on government will not only not encourage immigration to PA, but will continue the emigration of the best and the brightest.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cancel Mid-Term Elections?

With the latest mid-term election day hard upon us, it is meet to consider the harm done by this institution. Much of the two years are spent in preparing for and carrying out electioneering. The costs in terms of time and treasure are measurable and considerable. A percentage of those costs are borne by governments carrying out the elections.
Does it result in good governance?
The state of government in this country cries out for new ideas. For a start, how about putting all national offices on the same schedule for terms of let's say four years. We would then be able to elect a whole new government from president on down on a regular basis.
It might be a small step, but, in conjunction with term limits, eight or twelve years at the most, we would at least force the political class to find new ways to avoid providing good governance (defined as doing the greatest good for the greatest number)
Along with limiting campaigns to three weeks before each primary or election, we would at least save millions in costs to run elections.