Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Trump's anti-immigrant actions recently are knee-jerk proceedings by a jerk. They were further turned into a circle-jerk by maladministration of the diktat. They were even made against the wrong countries. My greatest concern is that it turns a very rational conclusion that Islam is not in all respects a harmless religion into a parody. Just as the Obama administration bent to far towards dismissing any thought of the potential dangers wrought by adherents of this religion, we now swing the other way to acting like all Muslims are already jihadists.
Unfortunately, the potential always exists for men and women to become zealots devoid of reason or humanity. All the perps of Muslim extremism started out as cute little children. Some have entered the country over the years and eventually became or begot terrorists (which the left loves to call "homegrown"). This country is absolutely correct in treating Muslims differently than people of other religions. Differently means "carefully," not using broad-brush treatments that don't differentiate between origins or histories.
Both sides are fatally wrong in this affair. We cannot continue divided between people who worry that all Muslims are potential death dealers (seemingly the Trump administration), and those who refuse to acknowledge that Islam sometimes begets bad people in a unique way (the folks out in the protesting crowds).
The present two-year vetting process might need a tuck-up here and there, but scrapping it in favor of ad hoc actions is not only wrong but fatally so. The Obama administration's policy in this regard was reasonable. We do what we can but at some point, you just have to take a chance.
The mantra of a welcoming America always and forever is not correct. We have not always been very welcoming . . . beginning with the indigenous peoples and ending with the quota systems of the last 70, 80 years. We must recognize that there are countries and peoples who are violently opposed to everything we feign to stand for. We cannot pretend that everyone wishing to enter this country from such places are coming to adopt one of our cultures as well as our values and laws. Some patently do not (look at a Minneapolis or a Dearborn, MI).
Over our history, folks eventually subsumed into the prevailing cultures whether by a second or a third generation. We should keep in mind, though, that few of those folks were adherents to a religion that prevented them from doing so if they were to remain true to its dogma.
Right now, few people are taking rational stances, privately or publicly. This is another factor destroying this country as we knew it.
Counter terrorists are blooming in North America and Europe. If governments don’t soon get a handle on the issues, we are doomed.

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