Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Deadly Candidate now available in both paper and eBook versions

Hello: I finished the penultimate draft of the book, which is the sequel to The Outsider, two years ago. I sent it to a number of literary agents with no luck. Then I just let it cook since then until I found the motivation to edit it one more time so I could indie publish it with Amazon's CreateSpace.

Both versions are now available on You will also find The Outsider on the page and The Parables underneath that. The Red-Tape Suicide is listed as unavailable because I have withdrawn it with intention of extensively rewriting it. I still think it is a great subject--life in the inner sanctums of the federal government behind those marble facades in Washington DC.

I hope you will check out the The Deadly Candidate. It can be read before The Outsider although I recommend reading the two books in order. Between the two of them, you will get a thorough understanding of how local governments work, or not, while reading some rip-roaring action as you do.

The Deadly Candidate is a contemporary action-thriller novel about the efforts of one man, John Wynters, to exact revenge by trying to bring to justice the U.S. congressman who killed his family in a lethal car accident. His effort incidentally reveals glaring corruption surrounding the congressman and local officials. But a powerful cabal protects the congressman in his constituency in bucolic south-central Pennsylvania. The criminals will stop at nothing to thwart Wynters, and his beautiful friend, Andromeda Winfield, from revealing their corruption - including kidnappings and assassinations!
John Wynters uses his Navy SEALS and Secret Service background to bring Congressman Foley Sullivan, representing Chicamony City in south-central Pennsylvania, to justice. But he has to contend with the stranglehold the corrupt Stinnus Cabal has on this rural county. Bernard Stinnus, Sr., the apparent head of the Cabal, is equally determined not to let Wynters disrupt their local political and economic control and reveal damaging secrets.
Wynters is also involved with Andy Winfield, a beautiful public school teacher who was once married to Stinnus. Wynters desperately wants to make amends to her for seemingly causing the death of her father. The two of them are talked into running for office in the local elections in November, which earns them still more enemies.
A series of events to discourage Wynters leads to more lethal measures when he doesn’t back off. Finally, a Stinnus strongman attempts to abduct Wynters. Using his considerable training, he manages to escape, only to find that Winfield has now been kidnapped and kept hostage to force him to stop his vendetta. After Wynters has to foil an assassination attempt on himself, he decides to attack the Cabal at its source and corral the mysterious figure pulling the strings.
            But can Wynters reveal the corruption of the cabal and secure a conviction of the guilty including Congressman Sullivan while fighting off the attacks of the petty crooks preying on the inattentive public? And can he survive a vicious election campaign?

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