Friday, June 8, 2012

Wisconsin's Lesson

Wisconsin held its infamous election Tuesday and anti-labor forces won. While I am no big fan of labor unions—I once lost a much-needed job because my union, without my consent, struck for higher wages and the company (UPS) simply did away with the jobs—there is a larger issue operating here..

Unions were crucial to the movement in the early to mid-20th Century to give working Americans some say in their lives. Those hard won gains are eroding across the nation.

The backlash is caused by a greed similar to that the anti-labor movement ascribes to union members. And envy. I think there is an even more frustrating and worrying aspect here. I believe the majority of Wisconsinites, representative of the majority of all U.S. Americans, suffer from jealousy. They are jealous of the "perks" others have, or increasing, had. It's easier to destroy than to build, so instead of employing the effort and the guts to work for the same treatment for themselves, they take the easier low road and deny others the rights of full personhood.
Might as well tear up the Constitution.
That is not to say there isn’t a financial crisis in the government arena. But the crisis is the fault of politicians who bought labor votes by giving, very unwisely as we now see, benefits they had no intention of funding properly.
So, give public union members a break. They are only doing what all of us would do if we were so adversely affected.

 On the other hand, do not give politicians a break. They got us into this mess; make them get us out of it through their own sacrifice, not ours.


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