Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog on Quality of Local Officials

Those of us who keep track of such things, remain bemused.

People, even people who are deeply skeptical and may see their state and federal representatives as reprehensible miscreants, accept somehow the notion that their local representatives are different.

No, not really. For one thing, note how many of those state and federal elected officials you love to hate started out as township supervisors, city mayors and even school board directors. You can bet that they were looking out more for themselves then they were for you.

Yes, many use the lower offices as stepping stones to higher ones. They give politicians gravitas, and those offices are often easier to get into because there are so few competitors.

Think about it. How interested are you in subjecting yourself and your family to the mendacious scrutiny and vicious attacks that attend even the lowest political races these days? You answer is probably, no way.

Then think about why the people whose names you see on the ballot are willing to risk going through that gauntlet.

One reason might be that the rewards they seek are worth it to them. Another, though, is that they are one of the unethical attackers and know good people won’t treat them the way they treat others.

Only informed voters can change this unfavorable state of affairs.

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