Monday, May 14, 2012

DR's Poltical Survival Guide, Part I

DR’s Political Survival Guide
Democracy Rising PA ( provided to me their 2012 Political Survival Guide. DR is an organization working hard to improve governance in PA. With a parade of state elected officials to prisons this year, and the near total lack of controls on local politicians, I think this is a good time to go over them.
Keep a firm grip on your common sense
Where politicians are concerned, verify, I repeat, verify everything they say. Make sure their actions match their promises. If they don’t, fire them at the next election.
Never believe anything one candidate says about another
A corollary of the counsel above. Candidates are not in the business of helping their opponents get elected. Their claims about their opponents will be one of only two possibilities: misrepresentations or just plain lies. We saw this in spades during the recent primaries.
Watch to see who plays by the rules
If they play fast and loose with the truth, do not show any respect for opponents or their supporters, engage in unethical and even immoral conduct during the campaign, then imagine that they will act similarly while in office.
The last four next time,

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