Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Character of America

Rick Santorum really got it going. He believes that our culture is the most important issue for our society, even more imperative than the economy.
The similarity is that everyone has his or her own ideas about what values they like, and everyone has an idea of how to fix the economy. Of course, if you’re out of a job, and many Americans are, then your principle concern is where your next dollar is coming from, not the abysmal quality of TV shows.
The dissimilarity is that while we can coexist with differing cultures, we have only one economy. (I’ll ignore the gray economy for the sake of this argument.) About 99% of us have suffered some discomfort as a result of our faltering economy and the inability of government to do anything about it.
But that is also now part of the character of our nation; the belief that government must do something about the economy rather than let market forces work their arcane ways.
Finally, I return to the similarity of culture and economy: We all would be better off if the government stayed out of both.

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