Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Voter ID

PA is now addressing an ID bill for voters. I never show one because they know me on sight at the polling place--never miss a chance to vote the rascals (all of them) out of office. Still, I carry an ID just in case and think everyone should. It's hard for me to imagine anyone who bothers to vote who hasn't bothered to get some form of ID, whether it be a drivers' license or library card. I don't see it as a big imposition, nor one aimed at disenfranchising Democrat voters.

If the voter ID laws cause better databases to be created and maintained, that it's a bonus.
I suspect most jurisdictions are working on their voters rolls. (Several states have joined together on the effort (PA isn’t one of them.) I daresay most are out of date; I know they are in my county. Is it really a big problem, though, since many of the errors involve the dead and moved who, except in Chicago, won't be voting anyway? Here one is allowed to provisionally vote pending sorting out whatever the problem was. If one has not received a voter registration card, then one ought to find out what’s up BEFORE the election.

The bigger problem than who votes is how they vote (how little thought and research they put into the act of choosing local candidates).

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