Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Less Polluted New Year

In my humble albeit always brilliant opinion, the notion of global warming has been hijacked by the unscrupulous for the purposes of power, preferences and/or personal prosperity (PPPPP). The weather cycles of the earth are better known in the long term than in the short run. Wherever there is doubt, the con men rush in to join the “sold rush.”

Let’s stop with the cap and trade nonsense, and all the finger pointing, while we concentrate on issues for which rational consensus exists. Pollution and energy conversion fit the bill, are two sides of a similar coin, and probably have implications for other perceptions such as, gasp, global warming.

We’re polluting ourselves to death. Our sources of energy contribute, so that converting to more green energy resources also affects the rate at which we are fouling our environment. We have a good start down this toll road towards a sustainable future but a long way to travel. Let’s not be detoured down a side street into unprovable contention.

If “global warming” is real, then our efforts to clean up our earthly act will have a positive effect in that sphere. If it doesn’t exist, then we will still have much to show for our effort . . . and earn the thanks and maybe even the respect of those who follow our generation.


  1. As a highly respected weathered person,I can assure you that Global Warming is happening but it did not result from man's activities. It is women's activities that caused it_all that damn hairspray!

  2. I am on the phone with them right now. They keep putting me through to Andy Rooney's voice mail but I refuse to leave a message for a dead guy.