Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

Run! Government wants to help you.

Never fear, Congress is here. The President wants to help. We’re saved!!
Only kidding. Actually, we’re screwed, but then we’re so used to that, it would feel exceedingly strange to experience any other feeling from government in this country.
It’s all a callous political farce. The President pretends to do something to buy enough votes to get reelected next November. The Republicans want to do nothing so as to deny those votes to the President (they aren’t likely to get them in any case). Neither side wants to do anything let alone something actually useful to the average Joe and Jane. It ain’t gonna happen. Get used to it.
The economy really needs to go into the dumpster good and hard. A real correction will follow only a real depression. Every time the feds interfere, they simply put off the inevitable and prolong the agony.
I’m not worried about deficits; they will disappear like they always do when the economy starts running at top speed again. No, what concerns me is that normal might not happen this time. Our economy has been skewed beyond all reason by greed and corruption in the financial community, and by gluttony and fraud by the political class.
The free market is no longer free. It was captured and imprisoned by well-meaning but ill-considered government regulations, as well as Congressional gifts to campaign donors. Real competition is rare these days and largely confined to international commerce (the Chinese won’t collude with U.S. businesses).
You may have noticed that the lying has ramped up nationally? The President lies through his teeth on the campaign trail, and the Republican debates always produce a plethora of howlers. If you don’t believe me, then check out the myth-busting sites. Factcheck and PoliticalFact.
It’s hard to believe anything a politician says these days, and the same is true locally.

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