Monday, June 13, 2011

Voting can be bad for your health

All of the major parties: Rep, Dem, Lib, have degenerated into winner-take-all ideological stovepipes.
Unfortunately, while we can take some ideas from Column A, some from Column B, etc., we are still forced to vote for someone located in only one column.
Fortunately, no politician does in office what s/he says on the stump.
Unfortunately, no politician does in office what s/he says on the stump.
Fortunately, wing-nuts are usually ineffectual.
Unfortunately, what politicians do as part of the herd is almost never good for us (but coincidentally enough, almost always good for them).
Fortunately, we have a way out. Actually, maybe two.
1. Stop voting for incumbents no matter who they are (it may take years but eventually the light will dawn in their heads); and if that doesn't work, then
2. Stop voting all together. (Imagine their consternation when NO ONE is elected, the counts all being zero votes to zero votes.)
Unfortunately, number two can’t work because there is likely no way to prevent candidates from voting for themselves and “buying” votes, but it conjures up a lovely vision to contemplate.

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