Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chains of Sand

Spirit forms in the struggle for birth,
from under treadmilled grains of sand,
in ceaseless span of lonely earth,
apathy's relentless wasteland.

Come join us, New Life, but be aware:
beware the soft lure of quicksands
waiting among garlands to ensnare
and hobble with bittersweet demands.

But nature's seeds and human nature
grow at once bountiful and frail,
and together define the texture:
nurtured seedlings will prevail.

The ruptured sod of intolerance
loathly concedes the sprout’s demand,
and the shriveled vines of arrogance
succumb like parched chains of sand.

--Patrick D. Fero 1998


  1. Lofty message in verse,
    Unlike the man who likes to curse,
    Sublime message from the cynical one,
    Has a new outlook on life begun?

  2. No, I gave up again,
    I had to to remain sane.
    This world has gone to the dogs,
    and the only winners are the hogs.

  3. Suggested Titles For New Book:
    The Candidate Who Came In From The Outside.
    The Outsider Who Became A Deadly Candidate